What are the top 40 improvements you can make to your checkout, navigation, search, product pages, landing pages and mobile user experience?

Get a thorough UX audit of your website, eCommerce, and digital product 

I'll provide a thorough 30-plus-page report describing 40 prioritized and research-backed user experience enhancements for your site, as well as best practice implementation examples from leading sites.
In addition, I'll do a comprehensive, unbiased UX performance study utilizing 500+ factors and compare your UX performance to that of leading e-commerce and corporate sites across those parameters.

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My UX (user experience) Audit will help you boost eCommerce conversions, ROI and optimize business performance of your sites.

How My UX Audit Process Looks:

Conducting stakeholder interviews

Stakeholder interviews are critical for understanding the current state of your digital products. Gathering insights from those involved in building and maintaining products will help me understand if their views are streamlined with actual user experience.

Analyzing user data and performing interviews and surveys

I will go through your existing user feedback and insights but also collect new information, conducting user interviews and surveys if needed.

Performing usability heuristics evaluation

To ensure your products are up to the latest UX standards, I will compare their current state to established usability heuristics principles.

Diving into metrics

Analyzing quantitative information such as traffic and user behavior will uncover trends and patterns, helping me pinpoint potential UX issues that are not easily noticeable.

Suggesting actionable recommendations

The final report will tell you precisely what you need to do to improve the user experience of your digital products. It won't be just theory - you will see a direct correlation between each change you should make and how it will optimize overall product usability.  

What I Analyze:
Usability issues, Site data, Page hierarchy, User activity data, User flow, Analytics, Design consistency, Color schemes, Layout, Typography, Readability, Element analysis, Mobile responsiveness, Performance

How I help You Improve The UX Of Your Sites

Detailed reports

The UX review will include a detailed analysis of your website, mobile, and web apps. You will know all the major problems you need to tackle, as well as minor issues that need improvements.

Actionable recommendations

Diagnosing the problems is just the first step. I will address each issue encountered with a concrete solution and the best way how to implement it.

Suggested improvements

After addressing present issues, I will suggest UX improvements to ensure it is up to the latest standards, helping your products stay in front of the competition.

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Athanasios Tsintsaris - KLEON BETTER PUBLISHING
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Stefan Elmer - Head of Marketing at PROTEKTOR
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