Aleksandar Basara – Digital consultant, visual developer, maker
Hi, I'm Aleks!

Digital consultant, visual developer, and maker

I leverage the JAMStack and no-code eco-system to build awesome experiences for amazing brands and founders.

Over the past years, I have worked with major companies including Mercedes Benz, Croozer, Citadel Financial, Rohde & Schwarz and JWT, and international organizations, such as the International Advertising Association and OSCE.

Things I do

Multi-channel experiences with JAMStack

Blazing fast websites with DatoCMS, Hugo, Next.js and GatsbyJS, that load 10x faster than your regular website.

Scaling e-commerce with Shopify

As an e-commerce consultant, I know what it takes to scale a store from zero to 100. With Shopify, the industry leader in e-commerce and its robust ecosystem for plugins, integrations and apps, there are no limits.

Beautiful websites with Webflow

Webflow is the leading no-code visual builder for creating beautliful and responsive websites.

News + Views

“An absolute professional in his field. Always very pleasant and productive to work with.”
Athanasios Tsintsaris - KLEON BETTER PUBLISHING
“I can highly recommend Aleks as a serious partner in modern web development projects.”
Stefan Elmer - Head of Marketing at PROTEKTOR