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I help companies move faster.

By leveraging the JAMStack and No-code eco-system, I help companies expedite their digitalization efforts.

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Hi, I'm Aleks Basara –  a jamstack consultant, visual developer, and maker. Over the past years, I have worked with major companies including Mercedes Benz, Croozer, Citadel Financial, Rohde & Schwarz and JWT, and international organizations, such as the International Advertising Association and OSCE.

It's time to move faster.

Faster and scalable web experiences with the JAMStack

Increase your shop or website's performance and provide a better experience for your customers with the JAMStack. Deliver blazing fast websites with tools like DatoCMS, Prismic, Next.js, or GatsbyJS, that load 10x faster than your regular website.

Improve your websites' performance

UX Audit: Boost your conversions, ROI and optimize business performance of your digital products.

My User Experience Audit will closely examine all aspects of UX (User Experience), identify pain points and suggest improvements to make sure all of your digital assets perform to their fullest.

Get insights with my UX Audit

Automate tedious and repetitive tasks

Boost your teams' efficiency and productivity by automating tedious, repetitive tasks. With tools like Zapier or Integromat I will help you to stay competitive and focused on the tasks that matter.

Automate your tasks

Scaling e-commerce – one step at a time

In uncertain times you need a system that scales with your needs and builds upon a reliable ecosystem. With Shopify, the industry leader in e-commerce, and its robust ecosystem for plugins, integrations, and apps, there are no limits.

Migrate your Wordpress site to Webflow

As an agile marketing team, you need a system that satisfies your needs to move fast. I'll help you to migrate your current WordPress marketing site to Webflow.

“An absolute professional in his field. Always very pleasant and productive to work with.”
Athanasios Tsintsaris - KLEON BETTER PUBLISHING
“I can highly recommend Aleks as a serious partner in modern web development projects.”
Stefan Elmer - Head of Marketing at PROTEKTOR

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